They are a single size, and will reach across a standard single mattress. The side panels allow for tucking under, which helps to stop the mat from sliding around the bed.

The top layer is a printed cotton lycra, making it fun to choose what to put on the bed. The absorbency is bamboo towelling, just 1 layer as these are designed for catching leaks and small accidents. Please drop us an email if you need more absorbency. And finally, they are backed with water resistant PUL, to stop the fluids soaking in to the bed.

To use, lay on top of bed sheets. This will help reduce the amount of bedding you need to go through if an accident happens. Alternatively, place under the sheet.

SIZE: 90cm x 90cm (35″ x 35″) for the main pad area. Wings are 51cm x 90 cm (20″ x 35″)

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