Our CSP has been designed with comfort in mind.

The CSP are topped with either 100% cotton, velour or cotton lycra, has a middle core of zorb, and is backed with a water repelling fleece. Please see each individual item for topper materials.

Each CSP will have a coloured snap, which makes working out the absorbency easy:

Liner – Light blue

Regular – Red

Heavy – Purple

Overnight/Postpartum – Black

They Save you money
On average, you will spend around £5000 on disposable sanitary products in your life time. By making the switch to cloth, you will spend a lot less. With proper care, CSP can last up to 5 years. Generally you will need about 25 pads to see you through each month.

So you could buy 25 pads for less than £300, for 5 years worth. And you don’t have to start with 25 straight away. Even making the switch with 1 CSP will save 12 disposable sanitary products per year, based on a standard 28 day cycle. Go you!

Better For You!
Disposable sanitary products are made with synthetic materials and toxic chemicals. And who wants those in their most sensitive areas?

Our CSP are made with safe fabrics that allow for as much breathability as possible, and do not contain any harmful chemicals.

Using CSP has also been known to reduce PMS symptoms, and make for a more comfortable time of the month.

Always Prepared!

Having clean CSP on hand is always useful and you never need to worry about whether you have run out. I always keep one stashed in a bag for those uh oh moments of being caught out by a cycle ending early. It happens.

They can also be used for light incontinence too. Ever had children and sneezed hard? Yep, me too.

CSP are also incredibly discreet. There is no rustling of plastic film, or peeling any paper off. They just snap on and you can go. Keep a little wetbag or pad wrapper in your bag, and you will have a safe, leak free storage too.

If you can’t afford to buy CSP, please get in touch as I am more than happy to help a lady in need.

Noone should experience period poverty, or shame. All communications will be kept confidential.

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