This collection has been something I have wanted to do for a long time. I love Chinese culture and would love to be able to go and visit sometime.

The Mandala is a spiritual image. In Sanskrit it means circle. It represents the universe, life and how all things are connected. You will find these symbols a lot throughout Eastern cultures, mostly Hinduism and Buddhism.

Cherry Blossoms are found all over the Northern Hemisphere, but are often linked with thoughts of Japan. Every year people travel to Japan to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees in full bloom. These festivals are known as Hanami, and thousands of people sit and take pictures around the trees. The cherry blossom symbolizes how beauty is not permanent and should be enjoyed whilst there. I chose a red print, as it is a poignant colour and symbolizes luck, joy and happiness.

The elephant is sacred to India. It is a living representation of one of Hindu’s Gods, Ganesh. Like the colour purple, elephants are a sign of royalty. They symbolize strength, serenity and wisdom, and are worshipped in temples. You will often see elephants in Hindu and Buddhist artworks and shrines.

The paisley design is often viewed as various types of stone fruit, such as a mango or date palm. It symbolizes fertility, and as a mum, it felt only right to include it. We have all been on our own fertility journeys to become the mums we are today, and that should be celebrated. It also represents eternity, and in later years when the design travelled through Europe, it was a symbol of wealth.

And finally the lotus flower. This is one of the most important flowers in the Chinese culture. It symbolizes the purity of heart, the mind and ultimate perfection. The lotus flower grows in mud, but is untainted and so beautiful when it flowers. In the Buddhist culture, the lotus is the holy seat on which Buddha sits.

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